Stinson School

Strungfoto is commited to undertaking a major photographic project every year as a means to continually improving photographic skills, staying fresh and interested, as well as contributing something meaningful back to the community. 


The first project, done throughout 2008, was called Hamilton 365, and it met with terrific acclaim by press and public alike.  At its peak, the site was receiving more than 10,000 hits per day.  


It appeared at the Art Gallery of Hamilton in print form from September 12, 2009 through to November 8, 2009

View this project at it's dedicated site:


Another major project was called "Stinson School Journal" and was a commission by developer Harry Stinson.  For 15 months, I documented the conversion of the former 1894 school into high-end loft condos.  This project is not presently on-line, but the intention of Mr. Stinson is to publish the images in an upcoming book.