Strungfoto has gained a great reputation for its portrait photography, but is equally talented at photographing weddings, events, and product or artworks.  While each job is treated as unique and will be quoted based on your specific requirements, here are some base rates that you may budget from. 

All rates are based on either work being done in the Strungfoto Studio, or on location within Hamilton city limits.  Travel expenses outside this area would be quoted in addition.



Photographed in either the Strungfoto Studio or on location at your place of choice, individual portrait work starts at $200 /session.  You can expect the session to last about 2 hours and have the opportunity to try more than one outfit or set of props.  

There would be a meeting between client and photographer at a date in advance of the shoot day in order to discuss ideas together to make the shoot and the images produced from it memorable.

 Within a week following the shoot there will be an opportunity to review the proofs from the shoot and to discuss and decide on the format of the final images from the shoot.  

We do families & kids, too!  Bank on a 1/2 day for doing a full set of family images, often taken outside or at places of significance to you.  Rates for this work begin at $350/session.


Commercial and Freelance Photography:

Let us photograph your event, or a set of products shot for your website.  Strungfoto has the expertise in this area as well. Rates start at $350 per 1/2 day or $700/day.  Strungfoto is happy to work with your agency or graphic design house to deliver images that fit your corporate identity.  


Packages for Artist'

You've poured your heart into creating a wonderful piece of art, then pulled out the pocket camera to shoot the images that will sell this piece on your website?  Why not have the quality of the photography match your work so the images really reflect your effort?   

Strungfoto has Artist Packages that include - depending on your productivity - regularly scheduled sessions throughout the year to provide stunning photographic representations of your work.  Having trouble keeping your website up to date?  This is your store front to the world.  Let us maintain it for you so that it remains current and fresh with your most recent work.

Contact Strungfoto to discuss your individual needs.